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can put make-up on faces you choose, i.e. how many faces there are, and even if that person isn't facing front-on!

You can only put make-up on people that face front-on!! You should make it that you can put auto make-up on people even if it's just half a face, or if they're facing at an angle. Additionally you should be able to select how many faces are to be made up, because at the moment it only recognises a couple, when I can see there are a lot more faces than that.

nick , 30.07.2010, 00:51
Idea status: under consideration


edwin aviado, 10.11.2010, 23:42
i like it
barbara, 13.09.2011, 05:45
Want it and with virtual view
eva, 04.12.2010, 20:49
i really love it!!!

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